Bethany Garita

I began my life as a painter, I have been painting since the age of 10 and still do. I found myself doing makeup on friends, due to the theory that if "I could paint, then I should be able to do their makeup"(at least that's what my friends would say to con me into doing their makeup). This is how my passion for makeup began. I see a lot of my painting influence in my makeup! I always say that my makeup is like water coloring, soft and beautiful, it does not cover the canvas. You can still see the canvas through the makeup, but neither distracts from the other, they just work together to create something beautiful.

    Once I moved to Florida I did it for fun on the side while working full time as a body piercer, but over time I found that I loved Makeup more than the tattoo world, so I decided to pursue my life as a makeup artist. On my journey I decided to become licensed due to the fact people always asked me for skin advice so I assumed it would be a good idea to know about skin. I am so happy that I have it under my belt. Being Knowledgeable of the skin in the depth that I am has opened me up to a different level as a makeup artist. Now I am Residing in Southern California, continuing to pursue my dreams. What will be next for me?....who knows I am a hoarder of skills, I am always wanting to learn, but as long as I am doing makeup I am satisfied in life. Makeup brings me so much joy, it's the only career I have had where I will wake up and 3 a.m. and drive three hours to a location to do it! Makeup is not just another job. I feel very blessed that I am able to call this my career. I GET PAID TO DO MAKEUP!!!!! How amazing is that!?